Veronica Mars - The Movie

Are you a Veronica Mars fan? Well you should be. My husband and I started watching the series right after it went off the air (via DVD), which seems to be the unfortunate timing of when most fans hopped on board. The problem is that it only ran three seasons because of lack of popularity. Maybe it just wasn't marketed right or something because in my opinion it was/is the best television show Of. All. Time!
It has been off the air for eight years now. There have been hopeful rumors of a movie featuring Veronica for a long time with nothing coming to fruition. Until now...

Have you heard of Kickstarter? It's a site dedicated to helping projects get funded. Anyway, long story short - Rob Thomas, the director/creator of Veronica Mars, with the permission of Warner Bro. (who owns VM), has started a fundraising campaign to get a movie made.

The original goal was to get $2 million to make the movie, well VM fans are awesome and that goal was met in like 12 hours! As of this writing 3.5 million has been pledged. The more money that is raised the cooler movie can be made.

So what are you waiting for? Go! Donate! Now! and watch the short video clip at that link, it's awesome, and read what Rob wrote, he explains all of this way better than I just did :)

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