Robot Facts

Here are some fun facts about my little felt robots:

  • Each robot has at least 44 individual pieces of felt cut by hand.
  • It takes me several hours to make each robot, they all vary depending on how many accessories they have or if I am making a simple robot or one that I have to design from scratch. 
  • Steampunk robots are my client's favorites followed by the little guys with the broken hearts.
  • My favorite robots also the Steampunk robots, I get to be really creative with them.
  • It takes me longer to make sure my stitching is slightly messy to give the little robots a handmade look rather than just rhythmically stitching neatly. 
  • The first robot I ever made belongs to my daughter and lives on her shelf.
  • Speaking of my daughter, she is 9 and likes to make sketches for robots she thinks I should make. She is a savvy businesswomen and wants a royalty payment when her designs sell.