How to Wash Felt

Did you know felt is washable? Well it is. I use wool blend felt almost exclusively. It's the good stuff and can totally be washed. I do NOT recommend throwing it in the washer and dryer with all your clothing though. I know this by experience after gathering up one of my baby's handmade felt toys with his clothing and chucking it all in the washer and of course it made it's way through the dry cycle too. The felt actually came out okay, but the toy puffed up HUGE. I think that was the poly fiber fill fluffing up to it's maximum fluffiest :) Stay away from the dryer, that's my advice.

I ran across this blog post about how to wash felt, specifically about hand-washing it. There is much more good advice there than what I had to offer:

How to wash felt, wool felt foods, soft sculpture & toys.

Some of the main points are:

  • Handle your felt with care when wet. It can fuzz and pill.
  • Squeeze your felt item when washing it rather than rubbing.
  • Air dry. It may feel stiff until handled and played with.

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