Mini Bots

These were custom made for a client, Julie. They will go in her nursery. They are about 3.5" to 4.5" from head to foot. My robots are normally 4" sitting. They were super fun to make and I LOVE the colors she picked.

mini plush robot
 I have wanted to make a robot with a monocle for awhile now, I finally did and I think it's adorable:
mini steampunk plush robot
Julie is a photographer. I couldn't resist making a little camera. (I bet Julie could figure out the funky color balance issue these photos are having... I cannot).
mini robot plush with camera
I need to make more robots with antennas.
plush robot

 This one is my favorite.
steampunk stuffed robot
 It's so tiny!  I love tiny!
mini steampunk robot plush
 Aw, a family portrait.
plush robots
 And finally a picture to show scale. The robot with the purple bow is my normal sized robot, she isn't part of this set, you can find her in my Etsy shop  (nevermind, my mom volunteered her for an auction, she went for more than I expected, yay).

Julie, your baby is going to have the cutest nursery EVAH. So jealous.

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